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Solar Trackers & Mounts


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Need a Solar Cell or Solar Panel?

Solar Blvd has all you need to build you solar panel system. With over 25 years experience, SolarBlvd brings high-grade solar systems and peripherals direct to consumers. From solar power to wind energy, we at support going green and pride ourselves in being your neighborhood renewable energy superstore!

Affordable Renewable Energy is now a Reality serves as your renewable energy resource, offering a full range of solar power and wind power solutions whether it be for a small side project or an ambitious attempt at living completely off grid! By providing access to solar products on as small or large a scale as you need (solar cell, solar panel, solar tracker and more), aspires to remove the intimidating upfront costs that deter many consumers from implementing a renewable energy system.

Solar Cell? Solar Panel? Solar Tracker? Charge Controller? Yes we do!

With much of the world going green and shifting towards renewable energy, consumers today are seeking an active role in sustainable living. However, with so many green options on the market and new solar technologies arising each day, consumers are often lost when it comes to taking the appropriate next step.

Consumers can start small and grow their modular solar panel systems as their needs increase without having to invest too much right away. Choose from the widest selection of solar cells, solar panels, solar trackers, charge controllers and more.

About Solar Trackers and Mounts

Solar trackers are devices that orient solar panels toward the highest intensity sunlight. A solar tracker is required for efficient solar panel operation. Either standard photovoltaic trackers or concentrated photovoltaic trackers can be used to orient solar panels for maximum efficiency. Trackers can be categorized by their number of axes, drive type, actuation architecture, and number or type of supports. A single tracker often operates a field of solar panel arrays, with software orienting each array to the appropriate angle based on their spacing and location in a grid. Whether a solar array uses a standard photovoltaic tracker or a concentrated photovoltaic tracker will depend on the geographical location of the panels.

About Standard Photovoltaic Solar Trackers

Standard photovoltaic trackers increase the amount of energy gathered from sunlight by minimizing the angle between the sun and the photovoltaic panel. This increases the amount of energy captured from a moving source, like the sun. Compared to a fixed mount, a standard photovoltaic tracker can increase annual energy output by up to 36%.

About Concentrated Photovoltaic Solar Trackers

Concentrated Photovoltaic solar trackers focus magnified sunlight on photovoltaic cells in order to generate additional electrical energy. Using optics technology, similar to focusing a beam of sunlight with a magnifying glass, concentrated trackers can increase the amount of energy hitting each photovoltaic cell.
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Latest products
Mission Solar 320 Watt 24 Volt Panel
Mission Solar 320 Watt 24 Volt Panel
Price:  $252.00
only $189.00 
Mission Solar 320 Watt 24 Volt Panel Pallet of 10
Mission Solar 320 Watt 24 Volt Panel Pallet of 10
Price:  $1,890.00
only $1,850.00 
Mission Solar 320 Watt 24 Volt Panel
Mission Solar 320 Watt 24 Volt Panel
Price:  $252.00
only $189.00 
160 Watt Portable Solar Generator
160 Watt Portable Solar Generator
Price:  $2,459.00
only $1,599.00 
1500 Watt Portable Solar Generator
1500 Watt Portable Solar Generator
Price:  $5,859.00
only $3,784.00 
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