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Solar Panels & Systems

Solar Panels & Systems
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Thinking of Switching to a Solar Panel System?

Photovoltaic solar panel systems produce electricity directly from sunlight. PV solar panel systems produce clean, reliable energy without consuming fossil fuels and can be used in a variety of applications. Here you will find both complete solar panel energy systems for your home as well as individual solar PV modules for smaller applications or home improvement projects. From solar panels ranging from 3 to 200 watt capacities, we carry a diverse selection of high quality photovoltaic panels from the leading manufacturers including Mitsubishi, Sharp, Uni-Solar and many others.

Solar panels are a great way to start saving on energy costs and going green, but may be difficult to understand for some who are new to the concept. The process of switching from regular energy to solar energy is one that is probably best done slowly. You can transition by using solar panels to power smaller appliances in your home, and then slowly work up to powering your entire home this way with a solar panel system. Some appliances, such as your water heater, dryer, or stove, may still not be cost effective to run on solar panels. For these you may wish to switch to a natural gas or propane. This depends on their age and particular model. More and more appliances are being made which are more cost effective to run on solar energy, so you may wish to seek advice on your particular appliances.

Important Factors When Deciding on a Solar Panel System

There are some important factors you may wish to know before switching to solar panels, as well. For example, the solar power used to create electricity is not used in the same way as the solar power used to heat your house or water. There are also different kinds of solar panels available, and choosing the best type depends on your needs and type of home. Itís important to understand just how much is required to power your whole house, as it may not be possible on solar panels alone. Generally, a combination of solar and other natural energy sources is used to power and entire home. Other natural sources include wind power and natural gas. As time goes on, however, we see solar panels which are more and more efficient, and the goal of powering and entire home or office with just solar energy gets closer and closer. The scariest part for most when it comes to solar energy is the installation. Rest assured that it is not solely up to you to figure out the installation of the solar panel system and the implementation of solar energy. In fact, it is best to consult a professional in this field to ensure proper integration, and save time and money. The experts at can advise and help you decide on the most appropriate solar energy solution for your home and situation.
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Latest products
Mission Solar 320 Watt 24 Volt Panel
Mission Solar 320 Watt 24 Volt Panel
Price:  $252.00
only $189.00 
Mission Solar 320 Watt 24 Volt Panel Pallet of 10
Mission Solar 320 Watt 24 Volt Panel Pallet of 10
Price:  $1,890.00
only $1,850.00 
Mission Solar 320 Watt 24 Volt Panel
Mission Solar 320 Watt 24 Volt Panel
Price:  $252.00
only $189.00 
160 Watt Portable Solar Generator
160 Watt Portable Solar Generator
Price:  $2,459.00
only $1,599.00 
1500 Watt Portable Solar Generator
1500 Watt Portable Solar Generator
Price:  $5,859.00
only $3,784.00 
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